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LLang Skin Solution Hydrogel Mask with Korean Red Ginseng Ingredients

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'LLang', for which the one-syllable sound brightly rings as it is pronounced, is originated from a Chines character 'lang', a mysterious character that contains meaning of the moon (月). 'LLang' stands for the skin with a gorgeous glow like the moon, clear and bright aura, vitality, and luster. It contains the image of red ginseng cosmetics that restores natural, beautiful skin with Cheong Kwan Jang's precious 6-year-old red ginseng as well as Korean oriental medicinal herbs from contract cultivation.

LLang Hydrogel mask for concentrated treatment that recovers your skin condition with solution treatment, depending on the skin problem.


Improves skin damage and reinforces your skin’s vitality

Mucin of snail secretion filtrate helps skin recover from harmful environments and skin troubles. Amino acid from red ginseng and plant derived collagen strengthen your skin’s elasticity, making it look young and healthy.

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Benefits of Ginseng: Beauty & Age Support

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Korean Thanksgiving day promotion

We have Korean Thanksgiving day promotion! Promotion 1:Get 1 Free Donginbi Red Ginseng Moisturizing Cleansing Foam or 1 Free Red Ginseng Pure Moisturizing Mist on Orders over $60.Promotion 2:Buy 1 Red Ginseng Daily Aging Preparation Essence Get 1 Deep Moisturizing Softener(50ml) & Deep Moisturizing Emulsion(50ml).Promotion 3:Buy 1 Extract 240g Get 1 Extract 50g FreePromotion 4:10% off  Pure Extract – Cut/Good/Earth Grade

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